Program Team

This CIVIC project began as a collaboration between the University of Nottingham, University of Bristol and Imperial College London, supported by NHS-X and retail partners OLIO and Boots UK

Due to the success that CIVIC had in evidencing the remarkable power of medication purchase data to reveal hidden UK disease incidence, especially within vulnerable communities, the team has since expanded to include further world-leading academic expertise at University College London and University of Leicester. The consortia of retail stakeholders committed to protecting the UK from future pandemics has also expanded, including Co-operative Group, Alliance Healthcare and Walgreen Boots Alliance.

Dr James Goulding
Associate Professor,  AI/Data Analytics, University of Nottingham
Dr Anya Skatova
UKRI Future Leader, Behavioural Science, University of Bristol
Prof Nic Timpson
Professor of Genomics, ALSPAC, Bristol Medical School
Dr James Flanagan
Reader in Epigenetics, Imperial College London
Dr John Harvey
Associate Professor,  Economic Networks, University of Nottingham
Prof Markus Owen
Professor of Biological Statistics, University of Nottingham
Elizabeth Dolan
PhD Researcher, Horizon Digital Economy Research / N-LAB, UoN

And additionally…

Prof Chris Starmer
Professor of Behavioural Economics, University of Nottingham
Prof Louise Wain
Professor of Respiratory Health, University of Leicester
Dr Yasemin Hirst
Research Fellow, University College London
Dr Gavin Smith
Associate Professor,  AI/Data Analytics, University of Nottingham
Prof Theodore Kypraios
Professor of Epidemiological Statistics, University of Nottingham
Dr Clare Steves
Clinical Senior Lecturer, Kings College London
Dr Alexandra Lang
Assistant Professor, Healthcare Human Factors, UoN
Dr Andrew Smith
Professor of Consumer Behaviour, Director, N/LAB, NUBS
Dr Georgiana Nica-Avram
Assistant Professor, Consumer Behaviour, University of Nottingham
Dr Laila Tata
Associate Professor, Epidemiology, University of Nottingham